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"The Inishross House is packed full of kindness, comfort and love by all the staff. I love bringing my mum here, the beds are out of this world, everything you need is there for you The hospitality is outstanding and the food is "too die forrrr". Thank you to Bridget, Mark amd Eddie. Excellent Eileen age 9."

- by Eileen O Connor on 2009-09-03 from England

"i stayed there and i loved it i go there 3 times a year with my mum and sister its the best and it is cheap hello bridget mark and everybody esle."

- by Kieran O'Connor on 2009-08-29 from England

"I have been cumming back for years with my children. The hospitality was outstanding especially to be greeted with a lovely warm Irish smile at the the door and the best special bit is the the breakfast. The smell wakes u up, the music lets u know ur in Eire and the excellent hospitality is outstanding."

- by Ellen O Connor on 2009-08-29 from England

"Over the last 25 years I have stayed at quite few B&B's across the country as well as in England. To my mind there is an "ideal" B & B ! That has to be Inishross House. Thank you again for your hospitality and fairness. All the best Ciaran."

- by ciaran on 2009-08-26 from Ireland~Germany